Tired of divisiveness crippling every aspect of society?

Remember: In our political duopoly, polarization is a feature, not a bug, and your continued support of either party makes you complicit.

Duopolies split people into partisan tribes to serve shareholders and stifle competition. MasterCard and Visa, McD and BK, Apple and Android, Coke and Pepsi. In Washington’s case, the shareholders are not us, they are special interests.

We’re mere market segments in the duopoly’s marketing plan: Divide and distract the electorate so you endlessly debate symptoms and ignore the disease. Yes, news and social media are complicit, but they’re just marketing…

A list of paying jobs I’ve held.

1. Dishwasher 2. Line Cook 3. Bus Boy 4. Host 5. Bouncer 6. Waiter 7. Bartender 8. Bar Back 9. Car Salesman — Holyoke Mall 10. Victoria Secret Stock Boy 11. Landscaper 12. House Painter 13. Paper Boy 14. Web Designer/Flash Designer/Webmaster 15. Telemarketer 16. Personal Trainer 17. Gym Membership Salesman 18. Alcohol Anonymous Front Desk Person 19. Gas Line Tester/Maintenance — Florida Gas and Transmission 20. Pizza Delivery Driver — Domino’s 21. Bread Delivery Driver — Piantedosi Bread 22. Floral Designer 23. Flower Delivery Driver 24. Fundraiser — Westfield State Alumni Association…

Second protest march out my front door, from Alberta Park to downtown.

Impressive turnout. I don’t suspect the numbers will diminish.

My east coast homies, and the rest of the country want to know what’s up with Portland. They heard the entire city is on fire, and anarchy is on the march to their hometown. They think the crowd is 100% unemployed white kids destroying shit for no good reason, hijacking BLM.

Truth is, there's a good deal of that. Also there’s vets, moms, teachers, my neighbors, and every single other identity that make up this city. Each have…

The virus originated in China at one of those nasty outdoor marketplaces. It was created in a lab.

At the marketplace lab a bat bit someone. No, it was a pangolin.

This all happened in November of 2019. Actually, it was October. Correction, it was circulating globally in September. Just in Europe though.

Between 5,000 and 175,000 people have died in China from it.

We named the virus Coronavirus, and I’ll refer to it as such henceforth. Actually, it’s Sars. No, Covid-19. Actually, long dash… Covid–19. No, some people said it’s The Chinese Virus. Ok, final answer SARS-CoV-2, and it’s…

When I ask people why they think it’s safe to end distancing and reopen the economy, they say because distancing has worked so well.

Since these aren’t stupid people, I assume what they mean is the benefits outweigh the costs, but don’t want to say publicly they’re willing to trade lives for money.

When I point out we currently have no way to contain the virus, they start to say shit they don’t really understand like “the Ro is good now” or “we’ve flattened the curve”.

Again, what they mean is some variation of “more people will die but…


With day over day fatality growth rate slightly slowing, it’s time we heard leadership’s plan how society should re-emerge. In the absence of one, society will re-emerge on its own. I’m positive our leaders have one in the works, right?

Without comprehensive testing, we have no idea the scale of infection. Until we do, the number of cases is a useless indicator for re-emergence. Also, there’s a non-zero chance we’ve nearly all been exposed, so even with large undercounts, the metric that matters most is deaths.

Most important questions imo: why are fatality growth rates slowing, and who will be…

Salvatore entered the world at 12:50 on a Friday morning, in a hospital room, in the middle of a global pandemic. He’s one of the first Coronials™, a generation that will grow up learning from parents of the unique, sad, and chaotic time in which they arrived.

For two trimesters we had planned for a home birth, but the world banned plans a bit ago. Emily’s water broke two weeks early. Contractions started, but didn’t progress fast enough. …

The state of homelessness in Portland, as with most west coast cities, is a well-documented disaster for all involved. The response by the city, or lack thereof, is inhumane at best, and perhaps criminal at worst. We should house every single person and make it impossible to sleep on the street.

This topic is fraught with emotional arguments from both sides, even with each agreeing on the goal — to provide all people a safe place to sleep along with mental and addiction services, while keeping our city safe and clean. …

Originally written as an op-ed in the Oregonian.

I ride a bike and a motorcycle, drive a jeep, run many miles weekly, and am a pedestrian. I have no transportation bias. I’m here to say we need cars, and Portland should end the war on them. For reasons I don’t understand, this topic is very emotional for a lot of people, and they express this by demonizing drivers. The debate for me is statistical, not emotional. Driving still makes the most sense for the most people.

Despite the enormous amount of tax dollars spent on planning, building infrastructure, and marketing…

Circumnavigating Three Fingered Jack

Three Fingered Jack is an inactive shield volcano of the Cascade Range in the Jefferson Wilderness. The first group to reach its 7,844' summit was in September 1923. We didn’t summit, but we did walk around the entire mountain for 3 days. The trip was tiringly long, treacherous at points, and gorgeous at all times, exceeding all visual expectations. Would do again.

Here are my overall stats. Thanks, Apple Watch.

Distance: 27 miles
Elevation gain: 3,216 ft
Steps: 74,844
Hours hiking: 14
Calories burned hiking: 4,697
Avg heart rate: 125 BPM
Dogs: 5
Humans: 5


Chris Teso

Speculator. @Subfund @Chirpify @Legit

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